Update presentation live

I have remote access to the directory from which SlideDog can pull files to create a playlist, but not remote access to the computer itself. I would like an option where I can drop files into the directory and, at some point (maybe at the end of the currently displayed file or at the end of the playlist), SlideDog will check the directory for changes and, if any are found, update the presentation.


Thanks for the suggestion! Interesting use case. I have a couple of follow up questions:

  1. I suppose you have SlideDog running on an unattended computer, with a looping playlist?

  2. Are you talking about replacing existing files in the playlist (update a video or PowerPoint for example) or adding new files to a specific position in the playlist?

For this to work with the current architecture of SlideDog, the detection of a new file in a folder would have to trigger a stop and unloading of the current show, then a programmatic change in the playlist (if files should be added or removed) and a new loading of those files, before automatically starting at the first item in the playlist.

Please let me know if I’ve understood you correctly or not.

  1. Yes. The computer is in our server room and plugged into multiple TVs around the office.

  2. Honestly, both would be nice, but I figured altering a file in use wouldn’t work. We just started using it and so far have the one presentation (two copies of it so it would loop correctly), but I imagine we will start adding other files.


Ok, I understand.

A solution where you first upload the new files, then replace the currently running slidedog playlist (.sdpl) file with a new playlist (having the same filename, for example “loopingshow.sdpl”), containing the new files added in the same folder, might be something that we could include support for without too much work. Then SlideDog could check the timestamp of the currently running .sdpl playlist and detect if it has changed.

I’ll look into this.