Upcoming modification to SlideDog Free: Watermark branding

Since the early beginning, SlideDog’s pricing has been based on the freemium model. The main differentiator between the Free and the Pro versions has always been one-screen vs. two-screen modes. Later editions added Pro features such as a remote control, Live Sharing, as well as Pro user exclusive settings and playback modes.

Today we are giving our Free users a heads up of a significant change; From version 2.1.2 and onward presentation files in SlideDog Free will be overlayed with a semi-transparent SlideDog logo. With this change Free users will now, more than ever, become visible SlideDog ambassadors. Just to be clear; Your files won’t be affected, the watermark will only be visible when opening files in SlideDog Free.

SlideDog v.2.1.2 are scheduled for release early next week, on Tuesday, August 27th .

PS: SlideDog Pro is completely free of any branding.

SlideDog watermarked

Not many of you may know this, but SlideDog consists of a small team of currently three people. In order for us to grow and improve SlideDog as a product, we sometimes need to make hard decisions. Introducing a watermark to all our Free users is, as you can imagine, not an easy decision. We understand that this change might cause some of you to either stop using SlideDog altogether, or upgrade to Pro. If you are one of those, we really hope you will choose the latter. As an extra thank you to all the current Free users, we would like to offer you a discount code of 10 percent off your first year of SlideDog Pro:

Use code FREE10 when checking out at our online store. (Only valid for the Annual subscription).

Tip: If you are a professor, teacher or do presentations for an educational institution, you are eligible for a 20% permanent discount, reducing the cost of SlideDog Pro from 99 USD to 79 USD per year. Email us at [email protected] for details.