Social Media Slideshow

Sometimes we have events during which we like to project onto a big screen everyone’s photos and social media posts from the event in real time. There are other apps that do this (like Slidesome), but I love SlideDog and it would be really great if we could do this and possibly even compile these posts along with other presentation slides like PowerPoint and such. I like that in these other apps, they allow an admin to approve posts before pushing them out into the slideshow.


Thanks for the feature request. This sounds interesting. I haven’t used SlideSome myself but it looks like a solid product. Would some kind of easy SlideDog integration with SlideSome or any of the other popular “twitter wall” products fill your need, or were you thinking of having SlideDog be the place where you moderate posts, etc.?

Thanks for responding! I would love to be able to moderate and everything right from SlideDog.

Thanks so much for SlideDog! I’ve got tell you that when I discovered it, it pretty much made my whole DECADE! It’s such a great product and makes all these presentations we do so much easier to manage and more polished.

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