SlideDog v.2.0.8 released

We are happy to announce SlideDog version 2.0.8

This version comes with Google Chromium bundled, which will from now on be used to show web pages and YouTube videos. The update might take a little longer than usual because of these added files.

What’s changed:

  • Bundling of the latest stable version of Chromium instead of relying on the user to have Google Chrome installed. Will from this update and onwards be fetched and updated from
  • A new setting under “Preferences” – “Web pages” that enables automatic moving and maximizing of new browser windows to the presentation screen (useful if you have links in your PowerPoint that needs to be clicked and you want to automatically show the opened browser window on your secondary screen).
  • A fix for PDFs that have fullscreen as initial view, which prevented them from being properly loaded in SlideDog.

Here’s a GIF showing how to enable the new setting for automatically moving new browser windows: