SlideDog v.2.0.3 released

We are happy to announce that SlideDog v.2.0.3 now is available for download.

In this latest version we’ve completely re-written how SlideDog uses VLC to handle videos. SlideDog now utilizes VLC in a more integrated way, giving us more control over the player.

What’s changed:

  • We have updated to the latest version of VLC ( v.3.0.6 ). All video file formats that are supported in VLC are also supported in SlideDog.
  • New architecture that allows for better utilization of VLC’s many features.
  • Better support for future versions of VLC, making it easier to keep SlideDog on par with new VLC releases.

In practice, updating SlideDog to using the latest version of VLC means that a lot of video related issues should be gone. For example, these specific issues reported by SlideDog users are now fixed:

  • Bug causing some videos to be stopped prematurely.
  • Bug where some videos would be rotated 90 degrees.
  • Bug where some videos would have audio stutter during pre-loading of the SlideDog playlist.

You can now add .srt and .sub files to show subtitles over the video. Just drop the .srt file in the same folder as the video file and make sure it has the same file name as the video (example: awesome-winter-video.mp4 &

Other, non-video related, updates in this version:

  1. Fixed issue where jumping to a specific page in a PDF would not work.
  2. Fixed issue where PowerPoint would not show up on the correct screen.

NOTE: Updating from a previous version of SlideDog might take a little bit longer than usual because of the new VLC integration.

The full offline installer is available at

Hi there,

The link is returning an “Access denied” error.

You are right! Sorry about that. It should work now.

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I have version 2.0.4 and power point is NOT working. What do I need to do? It has always worked before. I tried to download this 2.0.3 version but it won’t let me keep it. Power point isn’t presenting on Monitor 2?

Hi Amy,

Could you send an email to [email protected] where you describe your issue in detail?
Please include the following information:

  • Isn’t PowerPoint starting or is it just not placed on the correct monitor?

  • What version of Office PowerPoint are you running?

  • Are you sure this error was caused by updating to 2.0.4? If so, what version the last version where it worked fine?

You can disable automatic updates from the Preferences Menu, then download 2.0.3 from the above link and install it over 2.0.4. Then it should not auto update.