SlideDog reverts back to previously saved slide show

I’m having trouble with SlideDog reverting back to a saved point from way back. So anytime our work site has an outage that results in SlideDog going down, I end up having a dozen or so slides previously deleted showing back up and slides I’ve added having to be added back.

How do I correct this?

If I understand correctly, your computer that’s running SlideDog looses power (when your work site has an outage) and has to be restarted when the power comes back on?

If that happens, SlideDog will indeed open the last autosaved playlist.

If you save your slidedog playlist after you’ve added your slide decks, and then have an outage, does it still happen?

I’m brand new to the program so I’m not sure I have it set to autosave. What are the steps for doing so.


SlideDog autosaves automatically if you perform a normal exit and haven’t used “File” - “Save playlist to disk”.

What I suggest is that you create a new playlist with your files and then save the changes after performing edits. Then your playlist shouldn’t be lost in case of a power outage.

I see the option to save the playlist, which I have done. Do I need to do another step to save the changes?

If you make changes to your saved playlist (let’s call it “my-show.sdpl”) you need to manually save to overwrite. However, your changes will be saved to the “autosaved playlist” automatically, which will be opened by default when you start SlideDog again. Keep in mind that SlideDog has to perform a normal/clean exit in order to autosave those changes.

I’d therefore recommend just saving manually after making changes to make sure everything is stored in case of a power outage.

Mind telling me what you are using SlideDog for? I’m always curios to hear what use cases our customers have :slight_smile:

I really appreciate the assist on this. Our company uses it as a platform for worksite communications with regular updates and features.

Understood, so kind of like an internal digital signage solution, am I right?

Would love to hear your opinion on how well SlideDog serves this use case and if there’s something we could do to improve our product to better serve this particular use of the software.

You are correct. If I could have something changed, it would be to have the option to customize the time between each slide. Currently, the time can be adjusted across the entire show. It would help my situation and provide for a much better flow if I were able to customize the time from slide to slide.

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Currently, the time can be adjusted across the entire show.

Sorry for the late reply. Have you tried right clicking on the playlist elements to set a custom timing? It will override the global timing setting in the Preferences menu.