Single screen mode - hide timer

Is there a way when using a mirrored display to prevent the timer / slides from appearing when the mouse moves to the top or bottom of the screen?

This is in an embedded (local) web page.

Hi, thanks for reaching out. I understand why this can be a problem when dealing with web pages in SlideDog.

In mirrored / one screen mode, unfortunately there’s currently no way to prevent this behavior. In extended desktop / two screen mode, you won’t have this problem.

Maybe a setting in the SlideDog Preferences Menu, that binds the appearance of the timer / slides to a specific key or keyboard combination, could be a feature that would solve this problem?

Or, alternatively, shortening the “trigger-zone” at the top and bottom to just a few pixels in regards to the y-axis?

Both those options make sense. I like the shortened “trigger zone”, but to be able to hide completely unless a key press would be best of all.