Posibillity to reset timer

I would love the possibility to reset the timer during an presentation.

Thanks for the feature request!

That shouldn’t be too hard to design or implement. I’ll try to get that into the next release :slight_smile:


This is now implemented and will be included in the next version, that will be available early next week :slight_smile:

This works great! Thank you!

Maybe it should be possible to change it to a countdown timer?

Sorry for the late reply. I guess the notification of you reply got lost in my mailbox or something. A countdown timer would certainly be possible. Are you thinking of a countdown timer for the whole playlist, or one for each file?

Maybe a possibility to do both. But mostly for each file as we mostly have different people with presentation that need a timer. An funtion that the timer turns red when there are e.g. two minutes left of the countdown.

Understood. This shouldn’t be too hard to implement.

Any progress on this?