Displaying a web page

It has been requested that we post the current temperature/weather in our SlideDog presentation (which is constantly running). I know that SlideDog can display web pages, so I figured if I could get the page for the local weather to display that should work.

Can you display a live website that is not locally hosted? Specifically I’d like to pull this page:

Is that possible?

Hi Michael,

Yeah, you could just add that page as a web site in your playlist. SlideDog won’t refresh the page for you though, but I guess the page maybe refreshes itself?

I did end up figuring how to add it manually, but SlideDog is currently set to generate a playlist automatically from a directory. If SlideDog is closed then reopened, would the manually-added URL need to be re-added?

If so, I was able to create an HTML web page that pulls the needed information from the site, but when I added it to the directory it wasn’t automatically added to the playlist. Since I have easy access to the directory, but it’s a little more involved to get to where I can control the computer itself, I’m looking for the easiest solution.


Unfortunately, that won’t happen. When SlideDog is set to generate a playlist automatically from a directory, the manually added URL would disappear on the next restart of SlideDog. If you save a SlideDog playlist and uncheck the “Autoload files from folder” option, it would load the playlist including the URL. Unfortunately, you cannot have both in the current version of SlideDog. Sorry!

I came in this morning and saw that the website I had added hadn’t updated. Is there a way for SlideDog to pull the most recent version each time it displays the URL?

Sorry for not replying sooner, @michael.brazil. For some reason we didn’t get a notification of your reply. Unfortunately, there’s no “auto refresh” feature of websites in SlideDog. As more and more people are using SlideDog for digital signage, this is definitely a feature we should consider implementing.

Okay, thanks for your help!