Channel Not Found on Remote

I have used 3 different browsers on my Android tablet to get the SlideDog to work on it.
It keeps giving me the error that the channel cannot be found.
This error has been going on for a very long time now (at least 3 years) and still not working.

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I just bought this and the app on my phone doesnt recognise the channel or pin. Was this resolved? Beginning to get a bit worried about this purchase.

Sorted the channel and pin. The Pin and Channel for anyone who has this problem shows up once you get the toggle to work, that was our big problem as you could not enable the remote or live sharing toggle. It bounced right back to off.

None the less we found this software does not work on Windows 10 and are seeking a refund or a quick solution.


This topic was first created when we had the Live Sharing and Remote features in beta, so the original issue was probably something else. In November 2018 we launched the new Remote for web, iOS and Android. From your last reply I see that the problem wasn’t with the Remote, but rather that the toggle button to enable the Remote in the SlideDog Windows application didn’t work as expected. You mention that that it bounced right back to off. For it to do that it would have to had received two mouse clicks.

Could it be that your laptops trackpad’s sensitivity is set up so that it mistakenly detects double-clicks from a single “tap”?