Can't get 2nd screen to work

Can’t get 2nd screen to work. Displays like a 2nd screen on the laptop screen. At higher resolution, it’s on the screen completely as shown in 2nd pic. I purposely purchased this software for a conference that starts tomorrow. Please assist as soon as possible.


Hi and thanks for reporting this in. We’ve gotten reports of issues with showing JPEGs on Windows machines using more than 100% font scaling on the main display. I believe this is the same issue. We are working on a fix. In the meantime, here’s a workaround:

Before starting Slidedog, make sure to connect all the external monitors/projectors to your system and make sure to set the Windows DPI-scaling setting to 100% on all displays. More info on the DPI-setting can be found here:

After making changes to the display settings, you may have to sign out and sign back in again or restart your computer for everything to be detected correctly. Make sure not to change any display preferences after you have started Slidedog.

Let me know if this helps with the issue

Version 1.9.1 should solve this. Let me know if you still experience problems

Sorry, but I am getting the same error message about the 2nd screen.