Powerpoint license not found


just installed new version of Slidedog on a new computer that has Office 365. Slidedog says that Powerpoint is not installed. Yes it is. Don’t see anyway to point or tell it to look again. I checked Office 365 installation and it’s where it shoud be and I access it all the time.


Hi Ken,

I answered the support ticket where you described this issue. Did you get my email?


Yes,we’ll get this fixed. I was going to uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixed it


What was the fix for this? I’m having the same issue.


In this particular case it was a corrupted Microsoft Office installation that caused the problem. A re-install of office helped.

Your case might be different though. I suggest you post a support ticket at https://helpdesk.slidedog.com/ so that we can diagnose your issue in detail.