A Good Example of Digital Transformation is Walmart

The company started its digital journey back in 2011 and managed to turn its business into one of the largest online businesses in the US. Why digital transformation should be your strategic priority in 2019 Although high business efficiency or the ability to meet customer expectations mean a lot, they are often not enough to justify the investment and months of hard work in digital transformation.

To explain why digital transformation is so important, more hard evidence Canada Phone Number Data is needed. For example, some of the main benefits of digital transformation lie in. Better business competitiveness Competitiveness is one of the main reasons for the digital transformation of companies. Modern companies believe that their competitors will take advantage of them if they fail to transform. By adopting a technological optimizing your business.

You gain a competitive advantage and can capture a larger share of the market. Improved targeting and user satisfaction Digital businesses analyze customer data, have valuable insights about client needs and audience specifics, and can adjust their service offerings accordingly. As a result, companies that offer a superior digital experience can expect to see increased customer retention rates and 6x better customer satisfaction, based on research.